Best Summer Wedding Suits for Men

Best Summer Wedding Suits for Men

The weather's warming up, wedding invites are rolling in, and it's time to find the perfect summer suit. But with the climate's unpredictable nature, what makes a winning summer wedding outfit? Fear not, gents! This guide will help you navigate the sartorial landscape and find a suit that's both stylish and keeps you cool on the big day.

Fabric is King

Forget heavy wool – for summer weddings, lightweight, breathable fabrics are your best friend. Here are some top choices:


Cavani Miami Beige Three Piece Suit with Navy Trousers - Suits

The quintessential summer fabric. Linen's natural fibres offer excellent breathability and a relaxed aesthetic, perfect for outdoor ceremonies.


Cavani Mario Electric Two Piece Suit - Suit & Tailoring

A versatile option, cotton suits come in a range of weaves and weights. Look for seersucker for a touch of texture or a lightweight cotton blend for a more formal look.

Summer Wool:

Torre Men’s Blue 3 Piece 100% British Wool Tweed Suit - Suit & Tailoring

Believe it or not, some wool blends are designed for warmer weather. Look for fabrics with a high wool content blended with linen or cotton for a balance of breathability and structure.

Beyond Black and Navy

While classic navy and charcoal suits are always a safe bet, summer weddings allow for a bit more adventurous colour choices. Here are some ideas:

Light Blue:

Marc Darcy George Light Blue Check Three Piece Suit - Suit & Tailoring

A timeless and elegant option that feels light and airy for a summer celebration.

Stone Grey:

Marc Darcy Bromley Stone Check Blazer - 34R - Suit & Tailoring

A sophisticated alternative to charcoal, stone grey offers a touch of personality without being too flashy.


A great choice for a beach wedding or a more relaxed outdoor ceremony. Opt for a lighter shade to avoid looking too brown.

Formal or Fun? Tailoring to the Occasion

The formality of your suit should reflect the wedding's dress code. Here's a quick guide:

Formal Wedding:

Cavani Mario Navy Two Piece Suit - Suit & Tailoring

A two-piece suit in navy or charcoal is a classic choice. Opt for a single-breasted cut with peak lapels for a touch of grandeur.

Semi-Formal Wedding:

Cavani Radika 3 Piece Light Grey Check Tweed Suit - Suit & Tailoring

A lighter coloured suit in a breathable fabric like linen or cotton is perfect. Consider a three-piece suit for a more polished look.

Beach Wedding:

Michael Kors Stone Premium Pure Linen 2 Piece Suit - Suits

A light-coloured linen or cotton suit in a relaxed fit will keep you cool and comfortable.

Bonus Tips for Summer Wedding Suit Success:

Accessorize Wisely: Keep your accessories light and summery. Opt for a patterned pocket square or a straw boater hat for a touch of personality.

Perfect Fit is Paramount: A well-fitting suit goes a long way, especially in warmer weather. Ensure your suit skims your body without being constricting.

Footwear Matters: Brown leather dress shoes or loafers complement summer suits well. Avoid anything too chunky or formal.

With these tips in mind, you're sure to find the perfect summer wedding suit that will keep you cool, comfortable, and looking your best on the big day!

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